Galivant is a verb meaning “to roam about for pleasure without any definite plan” and that’s what we do here! Galivant is a 40-foot sailboat. The crew, Ann and Doug, finds sailing a good way to travel, and blogging a good substitute for postcards and letters we used to send home. However, the blog’s most popular post is about howler monkeys (link Morning Soundscape).

More specifically, Galivant is a 1976 Valiant 40, #124. Doug is a ‘retired’ captain who wants to cruise again before he’s too old to set the main. Ann cooks, cleans, navigates, facilitates- and is learning to blog. Your comments and suggestions are welcome here.

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  1. Doug and Ann–it was great seeing both of you at the boat show here in Naptown. It is even better to see all the fascinating places you guys are traveling to on Galivant and read about it on Ann’s wonderful blog. I will pass your blog info onto Doug Nowell. He often asked about you and wonder, as I do “Wonder what ever happened to Doug and Ann”. Well, now we know. Many thanks for a great reading.

    In December I am sailing from Florida to Isle Maharis Mexico helping a friend move his boat. This will be my first to Mexico. They plan to head further south through Belize and Guatimala this winter.

    Great seeing you both
    Jim Mumper

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